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If you're alone , I'll be your shadow ;)
If you need to cry , I'll be your shoulder ;)
If you need a hug , I'll be your pillow ;)
But anytime you need a friend , I'll stand beside you ;)
Because we're FRIENDS ♥

Examm :)

Esok aku ade exam BM & Agama . Omo -,- Lemah betol lahh . aku terpakse refresh balekkk benda yg aku dh blajar cause time ckgu ajar aku tk tumpu sgt . Main je lebihhh , haishhhhhh . Lalat lahhh nie :P hihi *kidding Apeponn Tak bolehhh nak halang lahh kan ? hihi , tape-2 :) btw goodluck koranggg (!) 

Haaa comel :D

Budak nie Comel <3

Sometimes Life Must have A Pause Button :'(

tadi myy bukak Sec blog ary , die cakap Nak jauhkan diri sebab die tak dapat nak paham pasaan myy . Then tadi myy Wall tanye pasal ni , die terus cakap nak Off . Ape nie ? Sokey lah kalau tak dapat faham myy . Kenapa jadi macam ni ? Hm Takpelah , after this i promise you no more sharing about my life , i'll keep my problem alone so that you don't feel that you're useless friends . kenapa myy buat mcmnie ? maybe ni terbaik lah ;) im tired of all DRAMA's . Beside , nevermind when i was young i have no one understand me . okay Stop Being Guilt About me . And from now on , i'll try to avoid myself from you .