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Sorry )=

Untuk Kawan Baik Saya , Fatin Farahanim Binti Zaidi =[

Hmmmm , kite mintak maaf ea tulis kt status cmuhh ? act yeah Im Crazy Jealous kot =] tp ateyn dah knl myy kn mcm mne ? so phm-2 lah , perasaan jealous tuhh tkkn lame ^^ nanti mlm dh hilang dh , like an Old Woman Use a Polyden ;) It Will Missing if we wash it ^^ Okay ? dh lahhh , nak out dlu . Tunggu soleh mcm Hell die tk Online-2 . Taik Anjeng betol :O Bye Tc teyn , Ily =] Dont angry with me , but try to understand me :) I know that is not fair for you But Make it as a Challenge :)